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Prestgious one-off pieces form a special part of our luxury collections from Cartier, Lindberg Precious, Chrome Hearts, CHANEL, Tiffany, Vinylize, Lotos and Hoffman Horn Eyewear.
Ultra slim, ultra light lenses from Rodenstock, Nikon and Zeiss, mean that we can effortlessly combine precision and design to give you the style you’re looking for in single vision lenses, varifocals, photochromic or tints.
Not sure what you’re looking for? Daunted by making such an important choice? Get some guidance from our trained optical stylists and Dispensing Optician who will guide you through our collection and help you choose the correct lenses.  The result: Occhiali alla moda, as they say in Italy.Gallery

Lindberg Wallpaper AwardLindberg PreciousChanel-2013Chanel-2013mykita-mylon-campaign-01mykita_mylon_rx_io_imperialpurple_mykita_mylon_sun_pluto_night_blue_vinyl-grooveslamination-of-vinyl-and-acetateChrome HeartsChrome HeartsCartier



Lindberg are Danish manufacturers of custom made eyewear and sunglasses with an emphasis on comfort and lightness.

Constantly striving to improve the function and design of their products Lindberg are renown for technical innovation and over the past 25 years have won 76 prestigious International design awards, including an award for technical innovation from Wallpaper for their frames made using Buffalo Horn.

Call in and let us show you why !









Chanel eyewear evokes a style, codes and a palette of colours drawn from the very life-story of its founder.

“Comfort has shapes. Love has colours.”

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel.








Mykita Mylon


Part of our range of luxury eyewear brands, MYKITA MYLON blurs the border between fashion and sports.

State-of-the-art design coupled with a material that boasts individual adjustability, low weight and extreme durability make these spectacles both an outstanding sporting companion and a perfect everyday accessory.

The manufacturing process for MYLON has won MYKITA recognition in the form of the iF material award. The collection was honoured with the Red Dot design award in the field of product design.

MYKITA MYLON combine seemingly contrary elements to form a new material. Finest powder, fused into a three-dimensional shape. Robust and at the same time a snug, contour-hugging fit. With an organic look on the surface. But down to the last fibre a high-tech product











This latest addition to our Wilmslow Opticians comes from Hungary, where each frame is individually handcrafted from an up-cycled Vinyl record, which is bonded to acetate, for strength and flexibility.

The fronts of the frames are made from the vinyl records, if look closely you will see the curved grooves of the record.

In addition to creating stunning and original eyewear, Vinylize serves to remind people to reuse, recycle and conserve.

Making each creation a real conversation piece.







Chrome Hearts


From its beginnings as a creator of leather biker gear Chrome Hearts has evolved into an obsession-inspiring brand with an A-list cult following.

Luxurious and rare materials and the highest standards for quality and craftsmanship is revealed in the exquisite detailing of each unique piece.










Cartier, a maison whose beautiful creations have inspired passion since 1847.Cartier looks beyond the fleeting fashions of the day forging a style out of its extraordinary history.

The Cartier eyewear collection is refined, timeless and instantly recognisable.

“The jewellers of Kings and the King of jewellers”

Edward VII, 1902