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  • Wow!%20I%20love%20your%20glasses...
  • Meet%20our%20Award%20Winning%20Team
  • Lindberg%20-%20Discreet%20excellence
  • Handcrafted%20by%20LINDBERG
  • Handcrafted%20by%20LINDBERG
  • The%20latest%20technology%20and%20old%20fashioned%20service....
  • We%20want%20you%20to%20stay%20healthy%20and%20look%20good...
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  • Prestigious%20one-off%20pieces%20form%20a%20special%20part%20of%20our%20luxury%20collections
Correct shortsightedness

Bespoke contact lenses worn at night are now able to correct myopia in children and adults

Wow! I love your glasses...

We get excited about eyewear, and we want you to feel the same.

Meet our Award Winning Team

Our Wilmslow team are here to help you to choose the best possible eye wear for your lifestyle

Lindberg - Discreet excellence

LINDBERG frames are like no others. A unique blend of no-compromise attention to detail, patented technologies and individual craftsmanship to create a remarkable visual impact.

Handcrafted by LINDBERG

The Lindberg Precious frames are handcrafted in 18-carat solid yellow gold, white gold, red gold and Precious Black as well as in platinum

Handcrafted by LINDBERG

Polished yellow gold with buffalo horn and diamonds


Introducing the revolutionary NEW contact lens that helps enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. ACUVUE define lenses are available in Natural Shimmer or Natural Sparkle, which will you choose ?

The latest technology and old fashioned service....

we’re Independent and proud of it. This boutique practice was established in Wilmslow, more than 20 years ago, by Graham James Doyle.

We want you to stay healthy and look good...

Using state of the art diagnostic equipment, we can correct your vision and identify early signs of conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and glaucoma.

We’ve got contacts...

Yes! We’ve got contact lenses too; daily, weekly monthly; lenses to change your eye colour, enhance your appearance and the latest lenses that you can wear for both reading and driving plus a full range of Gas Permeable lenses.

Be chic, elegant, contemporary or flirty

Express your personality using style, colour and shape, from designers you love like, Cartier, Chanel, Chrome Hearts, Lindberg, Mykita Mylon, Ray Ban, Vinylize and many, many more.

Prestigious one-off pieces form a special part of our luxury collections

From Chanel, Cartier, Lindberg Precious, Chrome Hearts, Mykita Mylon, Lotos, Vinlyize and Hoffman Horn Eyewear.